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Students that are interested in horsemanship and/or horse related careers are encouraged to take advantage of Pearblossom's hands-on facility. In addition to providing lessons, the Equestrian Training Center conducts formal clinics.

Pearblossom is located on a 14+ acre facility and students can participate in freestyle riding lessons under a qualified, experienced instructor. The main arena is 144' x 168'. It contains a variety of jumps, sensory items, bridges, and pedastals to augment natural horse handling experience. Also, there is one 60' x 120' covered arena.

Students that have access to training facilities in their area and participate in lessons or in shows can receive elective credit in horsemanship. Further details are provided upon enrollment. Schooling horses are available to visiting students. Please call in advance to make reservations.

Both local students and those visiting from out of state regions enjoy learning about natural horse handling. Natural Horsemanship is the focus of the program, encouraging students to explore relationships with their horses, the result of which has helped to change negative, destructive behaviors formerly manifested by some students. Through hands-on equestrian training, these students manifest higher self-esteem. They have learned responsibility that comes through proper care of an animal and the meaning of team work by working with other horses and riders. They strive to imitate the good traits as seen in instructor role models.

Maurice Thibault, 4-star Parelli Instructor
On-site November 1, 2016


Individual and Group Lessons
Students learning how
to play the "7 games"
Special 2-Day Clinic January 22-23, 2019
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